Starbuck - Adorable

Meet Starbuck.  Lab Mix, Stick Eating, Rope Throwing, Snuggly Pup.  We adopted her from a sweet couple on Craigslist who just couldn’t handle the amount of love that pours out of this puppy every second of every day.  She is a full bundle of energy all of the time.  Starbuck is named after a little show called Battlestar Galactica…. not the coffee brand.

Starbuck - Stick

She loves to chew on just about anything outside; Sticks, Rose Bushes, Tennis Balls, Grass, Wood Panels, etc.

Starbuck - Rope

Her absolute favorite thing to do is throw around her rope.  She will whip it around like her own little rag doll and play tug of war with anyone that dares touch it.

Starbuck - Protect

She is also the best guard dog that you could ever imagine.  Nothing scares her, and if you are a male… well i’ll just go ahead and say she doesn’t like you.  She is very sexist, and very protective.

Starbuck - Happy

Starbuck is pretty positive she is the ruler over our cats and guinea pig…. we like to let her think that.


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