Rollin & Hendrix


 Meet Hendrix

Don’t let that adorable head tilt fool you, he is actually planning to take over the world.  We are pretty sure that he plans different ways to dispose of us every day.  We generally find him sitting in the corner of the room just staring at us with the most evil glare on his face.  When sleeping, Hendrix specializes in ‘dead cat’ poses.  You will find him in some of the most awkward and just uncomfortable to look at poses on a daily basis.

When we went into the shelter section of the pet store Josh absolutely fell in love with Hendrix.  Hendrix saw Josh, and instantly got out of his little cat bed and started rubbing against the glass to try to get Josh to pet him.  When the attendant made his way over to us, he commented on how this cat never moves out of his bed.  (Do they say this about every cat do get them adopted? Probably.  Do we care? No.) His information sheet stated that him and his brother Rollin were abandoned by a military dad during a divorce.  If that doesn’t pull on your heart strings I don’t know what will!

 Now Say Hello to Rollin:

Rollin is the most pathetic, needy, loving and adorable cat that you will ever meet.  He never meets a stranger, especially if that stranger is willing to rub his belly.  If you are ignoring him, he will not put up with it.  He will crawl directly into your lap and if you are laying back he will get as close as possible to your face without touching your nose.  He then will kneed into you as if you were a big fluffy pillow.  When we found him at a shelter, he was so sad, lonely, and depressed that he was actually sleeping in his litter box.  We couldn’t leave without getting him too. And that was the start of our furry family!


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