Frequent Things We Get Asked

 (Because you know you have some questions you are afraid to ask)

Why? Why adopt?
Plain and simple: This is what we as a couple feel called to do by our Lord and Savior.

Oh, so can you not have children of your own? Is that why you are adopting?
Honestly, we have no idea if we can have children of our own!

So how many children are you trying to adopt?
We have put on our adoption paperwork that we will accept a 1-3 child sibling group of kids from ages 0-7.  However, all of that is negotiable depending on the situation.

Why not just adopt an adorable little baby?
We looked into infant adoption for quite some time.  After months of consideration we finally realized that was not our calling.  Once we changed paths and began on our new path of older child adoption we felt an overwhelming sense of calming and peace wash upon us.  When it comes right down to it, babies are in a very high demand.  Adoption agencies can charge anywhere from $18,000 to $40,000 (and sometimes more) just for a domestic infant adoption.  This is occurring while there are thousands of homeless children sitting in DHS custody waiting to be placed with their forever home.  But instead, these innocent children are being bounced from one foster home, to a group home, to an orphanage, and then back to another foster home to start the routine over again.  Jesus calls on us to love the outcasts.  It is our job to help them in what ever way possible.  That is not to knock those who adopt babies. We believe it is a blessing in America that these babies are being adopted so quickly. However for us we specifically, we feel called to bring some of the ‘over looked’ children into our home and give them a life where they know they are loved by not only their earthly parents, but their heavenly Father as well.

Ok, I get why you are not adopting an infant.  But why three kids at once?!
The obvious answer is simple…. we are crazy! (just kidding, but you know you thought it) Sibling groups are the most common ‘special needs’ children that you while find within the DHS system.  When people go to adopt a new child, they want to take on one single child at a time.  We have decided to take that idea and throw it out the window.  I know that when I was little I wouldn’t have wanted to be split up from the only family that I have left.  So, we are bringing home a sibling group!

You talk about God a lot….
(This isn’t something that we get asked, just something I feel we should address)
I lived my entire life not talking about my Faith.  I never really hid it, but I also wasn’t very open to talk about it either.  If we expect to raise Godly shameless children, we must live by example in our everyday lives.


2 thoughts on “Frequent Things We Get Asked

  1. Love it! Adopting a sibling group or pair isn’t easy, but four years in, I can say it’s worth it! (But it takes time to get there, and some days are better than others…) ; )

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  2. You are truly remarkable people. The fact that you want to rescue children who are older and “less desirable” because they aren’t newborns makes my heart swell. So excited to follow your story! 🙂

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