Class is in Session!

Woah… what a weekend.  Friday night we went to a Shark Week party.  It was nice to get some time with all of our friends to just be laid back and not have to worry about anything.  Our friends the Macks** did a really good job on all of the smallest details.  They had shark themed décor and food.  The punch was DELICIOUS.  And they had the cutest wreath up on the door as well.  I might have to make one to have for during the summer on our own door!


Saturday we began our first day of parenting classes.  OH. MY. GOSH.  I have been trying since I stepped into that classroom to figure out how to put a positive spin on the classes but I just am not sure how.  We did sessions 1-3.  Each lasted 3 hours each with a 10-15 minute break in the middle.  We have two very sweet ladies teaching the class.  We are a class of 40-45 depending on the session and apparently that is much larger than the average class.

IMG_9414As you can see in the picture we each get a color name tag that has our name and agency that we are dealing with.  The tags are color coated for rather you are a Kinship adoption, Foster, or just straight up Adoption (which is what we are).  The majority of the class was Kinship because Kinship adoption makes up for about 70% of the adoptions in the state of Oklahoma.  I think it is fantastic that there are so many families willing to step up and take care of one another when someone in their family messes up.  These poor defenseless children have been put through so much at such a young age, at least they get to stay with a semi-familiar face.  Anyways, back to the class.

Session 1 was an introduction to the class overall, introduction to your classmates, and going over an overview of what the class would be about.  We then went to lunch and returned for session 2.   I guess no one was listening when we went over the various privacy laws that we are required to follow because everyone felt the need to share their story.  We learned about deceased drug addict parents, abusive parents, neglected children, kids that were born in hotel rooms, and so many other stories from people in our class.  They shared names and locations of the children and parents as well.  Where is the privacy for these poor kids!? The future adoptive/foster parents just walked into a class with 40+ people that they have never met before in their lives and are spilling their life stories.  Josh and I had a lot of issues with this.  It is weird to say in a blog that the entire world can see, but we are actually pretty private people.  We aren’t the types to share every little detail of our personal lives, finances, or anything like that with others.  Once we do get placed with children you won’t see their faces on this blog until they are officially ours through the court system.  You will also never hear their entire story on here either (most likely).  We want to share our Adoption Adventure with our friends, families, and any adoptive parents and random strangers that read this blog.  But we also take great deal of care into making sure we are not damaging our children further by sharing their stories that shouldn’t be shared.  I encourage you, the reader, to be mindful of how much you share about yourself to others.  The world we live in is a crazy one.  **stepping down from my soap box now**

So after our first full day of classes that were 8:30am to 7:15pm, you can say that we were pretty drained.  The material itself is catered a lot more to foster parents then it is adoptive parents.  But session 3 did touch on the power of a sibling bond and I really enjoyed that section.  We are a third of the way done with classes!

Sunday morning at 9am we had part 2 of our home study.  We went over all of our background checks that we have done, and part 1 of our home study.  Nothing too surprising on our background checks.  I will say it is interesting how the state keeps a record on you that you would never imagine.  During this home study, which we thought was our last, we did another walk through of our home and also found out we actually have to do a part 3.  Apparently this is standard protocol, we were just under the impression that we only had to have 2 parts.  After part 2,  our home study contractor will type up and combine her report with our background check and walk through that she did, and turn it into her supervisor.  The supervisor will then either approve or deny us and give it back to the contractor.  Then at part 3 we will meet up and go over what the final decision is.  We should have part three at least scheduled by July 24th.  So for this week we will continue to be patient that this is God’s calling on us as we wait for our results.  Would you say a little prayer for us for patience and strength during this waiting time? I know our time isn’t nearly as long of a wait as some other blogs that I have been following so I am very grateful for that.

Until Next Time,

**As usual, names are changed.  We do this with everyone from family, friends, to DHS workers to protect privacy.


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